vendredi 6 février 2015

Reviews :
I don't know much about Skittle Alley (the name seems to be misspelled on the Soundcloud clip).  If my research is correct the band is the bedroom recording project of Carlos Rene.  I think both Carlos and his bedroom are in Madrid.  I discovered the song "Boy Meets Girl", and think it is terrific.  It is from and album named Love Is An Action, which is available at  the links below.  It is lovely, euphoric pop music.  Turn it up and let it wash over you.
Skittle Alley, the band from our good friend Fanou, has a new album out now on Discos de Kirlián. French band on Spanish label. Good combo.  I believe that this album (or mini-album?) of 8 songs has only been pressed 100 times. There are 50 copies of the digipak in brown and another 50 in blue. The blue looking nicer if you ask me! You can also stream all the songs on the label bandcamp. Seems everyone are streaming every song from every release these days! Must be a trend. Nobody wants to be surprised by a B side? In any case, the CD is only 5 euros plus shipping, an unbeatable price. I also read that this year Limoges Popfest better known as Pop & Merguez, where Fanou is one of the enthusiastic organizers, is making a comeback. It’s fantastic news indeed!!

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