mardi 10 février 2015

explications sur les textes sous forme d'interview de quelques chansons de l'album " Love is an action" par Richard Earls

So, Richard, what of Two fools, King of the Fools and Love is Love ?
 What made you write them?

Well, Oscar it’s a good question but, I have no control over these things; they just come to me – when I’m driving, sitting on a train, at the supermarket....

I make sense of them afterwards. As for these three songs, they can best be explained in the following way:
A holiday romance can seem so real, until your first day back at school or work when reality kicks in. Will it outlast the summer? When the first frost bites, will you still be ‘phoning each other? Who will forget to call first?
These three songs were written after one such – all too brief - love affair.

And She’s Had a Few?

Quite different Oscar. We have all met her (or him, of course, I just had a particular person in mind, that’s all), propping up the bar on a Friday night – holding court – telling tales of past glories.
 I’m the same, if I were to be honest, I’m just lucky to still be creating these songs with Fanou and being released on wonderful independent music labels like Discos de Kirlian (back to the song, ed.). Trading on past glories or not, the subject of the song has a story to tell and advice to give so, take the time to listen – you might just learn something.

What’s the story behind Boy Meets Girl, then, Richard?

Shopping malls were where we all used to gather on Saturdays and after school.
We usually went around in packs, with one eye on our clothes and the other on the gangs of girls who used to hang out in the clothes shops and cafés, hoping to – accidentally on purpose – bump into one to ask out.
But young love doesn’t always work out, hence the question ‘Is it a happy tune or a sad melody?’ Are you prepared to – or should you – give up your hopes and dreams for true love?

Is A Video On Someone Else’s Phone a confession, by any chance?
Let’s say it’s a cautionary tale..... make a mistake in an moment of madness only to regret it at leisure (and with photographic evidence).

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