dimanche 1 février 2015

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SKITTLE ALLEY Love Is An Action CD (Discos de Kirlian)
Skittle Alley are among my favourite indiepop bands around at the moment, so I was excited to learn of this new CD out on Spanish label Discos de Kirlian. There are 8 songs here, which in true DIY indiepop tradition were recorded at home. Skittle Alley's style of indiepop shows the band are acquainted with the music from the genre's golden age, but rather than simply rehashing the past, they have the talent to add their own individual touches that make the music sound fresh and new. The songs are built around lyrics by Richard Earls, whose Older Wiser Harder vol 1 CD with Thierry Audousset was reviewed earlier this issue, whilst the lyrics to Secret were written by Gary Sansom, who is well known to indiepop fans as the founder of Dufflecoat Records. This is bittersweet, catchy indiepop, gentle but with signs at times of a more forceful nature under the surface (as heard for example in Video on Someone Else's Phone, with its vigorous guitar solo and the driving rhythm in the chorus), and often swathing jangle within an airy and dreamlike atmosphere. The album is an absolute breath of fresh air from start to finish; it's releases like this that make me so glad to have stumbled across indiepop all those years ago, and also to know that there are bands like Skittle Alley around today with such an infectious enthusiasm for the genre. I can't recommend this enough, and hope there will be much more to come from this band in future. Visit www.discosdekirlian.com and skittlealley1.bandcamp.com

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