lundi 12 janvier 2015

paroles des chansons par Richard Earls, except " Secret " écrite par Gary Sansom

                                                LOVE IS LOVE
Love is love and love is fine
If you find another lover, I don’t mind
Our love could be forever
Summer time, winter time we’ll always be together

 When it’s cold outside and the sun as gone
Our love could be forever
Don’t need to worry ‘bout stormy weather

 The day’s so long in the summer
Day’s so warm in the summer
When you say so long to the summer
Don’t let your love go cold

 who needs love when you’re on your own
All you need is a hand to hold
Two weeks of sunny weather
Don’t mean lovers gonna stay together

                                            BOY MEETS GIRL
Boy meets girl
In a shopping mall
She caught his eye
In Accessorize
He was hanging around
She was killing time

Boy meets girl
Like a head on collision
At the pop corn stand
They were holding hands
By the photo booth
She’d made her decision

Do you know the tune
To boy meets girl?
It’s a simple
Boy meets girl
In a shopping mall,
Boy meets Girl

                                                      SHE'S HAD A FEW
She’s had a few,
one or two,
Maybe three or four.
She’ll give you fifteen minutes;
Not a minute more

She might just tell you why
Or even tell you who
She might tell you
 when and how
She did the things
 she used to do

Now’s the time to ask
She might just let you see
What goes on behind the mask
That shrouds the truth in mystery

About the lies,
about the truth
The lovers and the lawsuits
The songs she stole,
 the songs she sings
She’ll spill it all
for just one drink

                                              KING OF THE FOOLS
It was so long ago I can still remember
Dancing slow to ‘The Great Pretender’
That’s when I fell in love with you
Now my friends call me, the King of the Fools

King of the Fools, King of the Fools
Now they call me King of the Fools

You were breaking hearts and all the rules
Only  the best would do
Oh, I was such a fool,
When I fell in love with you

King of the Fools, King of the Fools
That’s when they crowned me, King of the Fools

It was summer and the days were long
Filled with sunshine, we were living just for fun
The days grew cloudy and rain it did fall
That’s when you said, ‘I don’t love you no more’

King of the Fools, King of the Fools
Now my friends call me the King of the Fools
My friends told me but I guess I knew
I’d always be the King of the Fools

                                     VIDEO ON SOMEONE ELSE'S PHONE
I woke up
In a strange bed
I don’t know
How I got there

I woke up
In a strange bed
Don’t know what I did
Or what I said

So I stare at the ceiling and
Close my eyes
Stare at the ceiling and
Press rewind

But I wake up again
As she takes my hand
But I don’t know
What happened (how I got there)

I  keep a secret,
 here in my head
I shall divulge this,
let it be said
You can ask me
 so nicely
And ask me so

This secret memory
Will stay with me

Memories comes and goes
Like night,
but with shadows
My secret dances in the night
Try to keep my secret tight
Keep it buried in my head
There to stay, it has been said

                                                 TWO FOOLS
Now the evening
 has come to a close
Everybody’s leaving
‘cos everybody knows
It’s not just the summer
 that’s come to an end
(And) those of us who are lovers
 can never more be friends

We were two fools
 (didn’t know right from wrong)
Two fools
 (one fool since has gone)
Two fools
(to think our love could last that long)
We were two fools
 but one fool since has gone

We thought the summer
 would never end
Now it’s over I guess
 I’ll just pretend
I’ll stay in my room,
 lock myself in
I’m not coming out
 until the sun shines again

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