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#71: Skittle Alley - s/t CD
Release date: June 30, 2009
300 copies pressed.
  1. Between March & September
  2. How To Say The Bottom Of My Thoughts
  3. It Was A Beautiful Day
  4. It's A Long Way Wish
  5. M.I.K.A.D.O.
  6. Nice Remember
  7. On Its Righthand
  8. That Good Resolutions
  9. The Night Of The Stars
  10. This Day When...
  11. When He Sees The Stars

 ANORAKCD 11 / SKITTLE ALLEY / Skittle Alley / CDEP 6 titres / disponible !!!

6 titres enregistrés aux studios anorak (ST PAUL 87) et dans les appartements de l'artiste !!!
Skittle Alley est : Stéphane POMEDIO.

Liste des titres : Candidness and simplest dedicacy / I must confess I have regrets / I never forgot this time / Good day ! / My childhood / Meeting.


  1. A Story of Love.
  2. Which Sad Day.
Do you remember those times when we wandered the streets all night long, wishing daylight never found us? I wish we could just run away to some place where morning is always still far from us.
Released on November 1st 2010.
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Skittle Alley / Annemarie

Second instalment of our global artists split EP's 


Skittle Alley (France) 
Annemarie (Indonesia).

1. Skittle Alley - It's Hard To Find Love 
2. Skittle Alley - Out Of Breath 
3. Annemarie - Living In My Dream 
4. Annemarie - We Do.
tracklist :

1- My dear friends
2- Jeremy loves Ingrid
3- My good star
4- If only words would be easy
5- Once upon of time


sortie le 11/07/11 

Tracklist :
1- On the flight of steps
2- Just for you
3- I think about you every day
4- Today destiny belongs to us
5- It's a friendship that was born 


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